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DreamweaverWeb Authoring - unit 57
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Snow day 2nd Dec 2010:

For inspiration for your snowmen/snowgoons, I recommend you have a good look at Calvin & Hobbes

Once you are tired of all the snow ball fights and sledging, here is the college mandated homework...

Your existing sites are now available from the drop-down list at the top left of http://www.totton.org/ or from the links on http://www.totton.org/web/index.html
Your course notes are on iLearn (unit 57) or at http://www.jednet.co.uk/totton/web

While you cannot edit your web sites at home without Dreamweaver, you CAN be planning what you want to put on each page.

It is a requirement that you sketch out the layout for the pages on your site to produce a paper version - these are often part of the process when discussing a site with a client.

The paper-based 'storyboarding' version provides evidence for two of the learning outcomes:

3 Be able to produce a media rich Website to a specification

Components of production: client’s requirements; audience considerations; generation of ideas; conceptualisation; visualisation; information architecture; storyboarding; resourcing

Planning: importance of planning;

4 Be able to publish, test and review own Website

Sources of information: self-evaluation; documentation, eg notes, sketches, story boards, production logs; comments from others, eg audience, peers, tutors, client

Production process: pre-production, eg planning, preparation;

Having a paper prototype can save a lot of time otherwise wasted on the computer - it can be quickly seen when the client (or you) is trying to put too much on a single page that should be broken down into smaller chunks of information. http://www.nngroup.com/reports/prototyping/video_stills.html

Consider how to keep the navigation simple - usability studies recommend no more than 5 or 7 links from any page.

Your pages may include:

Additional homework....

We will be creating some Web animation using Flash - research the use of Flash animation, starting with some of these links :


Your Flash animation will cover the learning outcomes of

2 Be able to use Website design and production software

animation; keyframes;

and also be used for additional credits for Unit 33: 2D animation

Have a great day!