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DreamweaverWeb Authoring - unit 57
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Edexcel Merit:

To achieve a merit grade, in addition to achieving all the criteria at pass level, learners must achieve all the criteria at merit level.

Merit-level learners will go beyond descriptions, explaining things and addressing issues in some depth and they will refer to well-researched and appropriate examples. At this level, learners will show good understanding of their topics and will consider how or why the issues mentioned are important.

M1: when explaining how the elements of HTML are used, learners will select specific appropriate examples. The explanation will be comprehensive and use appropriate terminology in descriptions and explanations.

A merit-level learner might write:
‘HTML codes are often referred to as tags, these are elements of the mark-up language used in web page layout. Tags can easily be identified because they are enclosed in less than “<” and greater than “>” brackets. For example the tags <TITLE>My Website </TITLE> will cause the title “My Website” to be visible in the title bar of the user’s browser.’

M2: learners will produce a functional website to an agreed specification using a wide range of authoring tools. The final product will apply the concepts and principles of web authoring with some imagination — that is, learners will still be working within recognisable generic conventions, but there will be some imaginative thought behind the work so that technical skills and codes and conventions will be employed with some inventiveness.

At this level all elements of the website should be fully functional and should meet current requirements for website design.

M3: clear evidence of planning will be present indicating how the learner developed a range of ideas and selected the best one for a solution. A good implementation plan will be evident including storyboards. The learner will review their work on an ongoing basis, obtaining feedback from the tutor and peers. Their plan will be updated regularly to ensure work is completed on time. Records of production are likely to include a log or diary with production notes, diagrams, screenshots, etc. The website should have been fully tested with records of any problems logged.

M2 and M3: learners will need occasional support, particularly when dealing with more complex technology or trying to apply more sophisticated techniques. Like the pass grade learner, they will benefit from it.

M4: learners will upload their site to a remote location, carry out basic tests and could also complete more advanced tests such as checks for usability, accessibility, etc. There will also be evidence of search engine optimisation.

Learners will be able to explain what they have tried to accomplish and how they have worked to try to achieve what they have set out to do. They will be able to explain decisions made and will be able to exemplify these explanations through relevant and detailed reference to their own work, though the examples they give will not be further elucidated.

In their review a merit learner might write, ‘Following tests of my website on a remote server it became apparent that the download times for the home page was excessive. I fixed this by compressing the images used on the homepage. I uploaded the pages again, retested and found that the download times were now acceptable.’

M1 and M4: when expressing themselves orally, learners’ language skills will be good and they will be able to express intentions and ideas clearly using, for the most part, the right word in the right context, including technical vocabulary and the kind of language used in the industry. Register will be generally appropriate, with perhaps occasional lapses.

When expressing themselves formally in writing, learners’ skills will be sound with typically few lapses in grammar and syntax, though there might be some errors of spelling and punctuation. Generally, language skills will be good enough for learners to be able to express fairly complex ideas and to handle material of moderate difficulty.