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Jednet Flash tutorials
simple tutorials on this site intro fish food
please e-mail your suggestions to add here
Inspiring Flash Sites
wonderful collection of 30-sec animations of Jaws, Star Wars...
animator_vs_animation_2 and lots more animation inc Flash
animator of jcbmovie, low morale and creep.
clever menu system
explore Bob's interactive workspace
wacky creative portfolio
top design studio, but their old site was more interesting...
dodgy but fun winner of 2003 webby, category 'weird'
beautiful Korean site - see the garden map
the little ninja - if you watch the first five, you'll watch them all
outstanding, thanks Pete!
designers portal - lots more links...
designers portal - check out
Staggering if not always practical interface examples
play tiny pong - actual size > > > >
ponghome pong   pong fight
daft Ray Harryhausen tribute. Ta Nathan
sick, slick flash animation
Mini games linked by a search for spare parts...
interactive mouse fun scrat fun
interactive - jam with the keyboard
see what he can do, do your own, enter the competition
Miyazaki also directed Spirited Away
good integrated use of flash and html
walk around cartoon interface
unusual atmospheric site! Slow to load
experimental fun... needs Flash 6 player
fly around 3D world. Aliens at
thanks Wendy! also and
Wendy again plus and
sideways scrolling cartoon street interface
cheers again Steve!
new flash based site
dance music also
interactive inspiration from global artist network
Award winning site by Deepend
amazing 3d, music sites
cartoon 'stars' do the rhymes...
cartoon artist recommended by Gerald - thanks!
undersea theme to conservation artist site
Flash + Director showcase
surreal animation, cheers donal
intelligent interactive artwork says saer...
wicked interface says saer...
t shirt site all in flash, thanks Nick
Thanks Nick. Excellent interface and manga vector illustration
the next david shrigley (who?!)
ta Steve P once again!
blame Ben. Not for kids
As dodgy as joe cartoon. Cheers Gavin
UK filmsite featured in createonline
dark horse comics
check out sockmonkey
marvel comics
marvel .comic with good transitions between pages
anime site, cheers Nick
not Flash, java meccano critter building and racing
wide range of styles of Flash games and movies
Kids' Sites
See Bionicles Flash story, and check main Lego site
colourful site
Great domain name! Kidsafe site, thanks Jesse
is fun
lego football single/multiplayer
Tutorials, Tech Support and Help
huge range of tools and tutorials - try flashtyper
flashdevils for new to experienced users
good uk site, thanks Gerald
thanks Paul!
Lianne writes: illustrations to guide you, large menu provide help with coding
Jans links
lots of links - even one back! - cheers Jan
Flash games and how to make them
Sound, magic button rollovers and 3D
download, alter and resubmit your variations...
cool text effects
demos and tutorials
3D demo, memory trick
intermediate and advanced tutorials
basic tutorials +
patchy, mostly for advanced users
tech resource page +
bulletin board of samples, Qs and answers
Flash Guide also handy
movie clip tutorials
tutorials, tips, generator
basic tutorials, links, e-postcard
bulletin board inc Flash
Macromania inc StarWars text and sketching
clear beautiful tutorials
miscinc DW and Flash esp handtracing
bulletin board of files for discussion
Canfield Studios Flash 3 samples
animation tutorials and hype
Pixelate Performance Site Design
get emails about Flash
Raven University
animation help with onion-skinning
good resource centre
wealth of tips and extras
helpful tutorials
great for beginners
animation examples and instruction
frame by frame animation
not Flash but great 3D animation 'aliensong'
Flash Site Submissions
Quintus, Flash Index
The Flash Challenge

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