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DreamweaverWeb Authoring - unit 57
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Edexcel Pass:

To achieve a pass grade, learners must achieve all the criteria at pass level.

P1: learners at this level will give accurate and substantially complete descriptions of HTML. They will cover the main concepts and must use some appropriate technical terms in their explanation. When describing the elements of HTML, a pass level learner might write, ‘HTML is a mark-up language used to reduce the amount of data sent across the internet. Web browsers interpret the mark-up language locally to display web pages with the correct layout.’

P2: screen design and layout may be quite basic but most of the elements should still function correctly. Any problems should have been identified and documented. In terms of the aesthetic or imaginative qualities of their work, learners will not move beyond the conventional, but the conventions applied will be appropriate to the type of website on which they are working.

P3: some evidence of initial planning will be present indicating how the learner developed ideas and selected a solution. The planning should show how the site meets the specification and how the learner intends to complete the project within the timescale. It is likely that not all targets will be met and adjustments will have been made to ensure that the site meets the minimum specification. Records of production are likely to include screenshots with brief annotations. Some evidence of testing should be present with records of any problems logged.

P2 and P3: learners will need frequent assistance and support, though they will take note of and make use of this help when it is given. If they are in frequent need of such help but fail to make positive use of it they should not be considered for a pass grade for this unit.

P4: learners will upload their site to a remote location and carry out basic tests ensuring their site functions correctly (operation of buttons, links, etc). Learners will be able to consider their own work in such a way that they move beyond merely describing it. They will make evaluative comments upon what they have done but these comments will be assertions that are not supported by evidence or exemplification. In their review a pass level learner might write, ‘My website consists of five main pages and includes a variety of features including text, images, navigation and video. Although the site works as planned I feel that I need to improve the layout to make the site more interesting.’

P1 and P4: when expressing themselves orally, learners’ language skills will be sound and they will be able to express themselves with sufficient clarity to be understood, though vocabulary — and in particular technical vocabulary — will be limited, and register will not always be appropriate to the situation or audience. When expressing themselves formally in writing, learners’ skills will be basic, typically with frequent errors of spelling and punctuation and occasional lapses in grammar and syntax.
Generally, language skills will be adequate for learners to communicate simple ideas or deal with straightforward material.