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On April 1st, you went on your first train ride to meet Rex in Brighton. You slept almost the whole way there, and then most of the day. The first time that Rex held you, you wouldn’t stop crying, but that wore you out and soon you fell asleep again.


On Mothering Sunday we all went to Grandmas for a high tea. It was Mummy’s first year of being a mother and Daddy bought her a book for a present from you.


Auntie Maya and Uncle Ben gave you a present - it was to have your feet and hands captured for posterity:

The Studio

Mummy and Daddy took you to The Studio in the Marlands Centre and Jerzy made imprints of your hands and feet. You were 6 weeks old.

Corben's hands and feet

Both Flossie and Jamie had their birthdays. Flossie turned 9 and Jamie turned 18. Flossie came down and stayed in Southampton for a week. This is the picture that Jacqui took of Daddy, Jamie, Flossie and you all showing your funny chins.

Jamie, Jed, Flossie

We had a great time with Flossie, we had a bar-be-que in the New Forest with Uncle Ben, Joey, Jaimie and Phebe. Auntie Beth was there too!!

Beth & Pie

Jamie had a climbing wall party that year,


but you were too little to join in and so you fell asleep on a chair watching.

Corben sleeps