Introduction to Dreamweaver
(Those with some previous Dreamweaver experience are advised to use this time productively planning future web design projects)
Set up site management, make site root folder and save index.html page.

We will design our first page using:

  • Page properties (shortcut is Control-J, or Apple-J on a Mac)
  • The 'Insert' palette
  • The properties inspector
  • Adding words and prepared (or pinched from Google/MySpace/Bebo/Facebook) pictures

Create a second page and add links back and forth to make your first Web site.


Consider what you would like to produce for your own site. This could be about yourself as a biography or as a promotional gallery of your work. An online cv is very useful and can be linked to pages about your videos.

If you have friends who need a site to promote their band, or a society or charity who could benefit from their first site or a makeover of their existing one, please gather content in words and pictures which we can use in future weeks. It will be best if you work on more than one idea as different sites will give you more opportunity to experiment with techniques and styles. This will give you a better range to show an examiner or potential employer.

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