Website Production Level 3 Unit 12

Fridays 1.30-3.30pm in A208

  1. 20 March 2015
  2. 27 March 2015
    Easter Break
  3. 24 April 2015
  4. 1 May 2015
  5. 8 May 2015
    15 May 2015 - Cancelled due to Community Day preparation
  6. 22 May 2015
  7. 29 May 2015 - Half Term
  8. 5 June 2015
  9. 12 June 2015
  10. 17 June 2015


Nearly all businesses and organisations realise the importance of having a Web presence in the 21st century. It provides an opportunity to reach an international audience with their product or brand. Websites need to be well designed to keep visitors returning and avoid excluding user groups by being inaccessible. Companies need to analyse the technical considerations to ensure they do not hinder the user experience.

This unit will prepare learners to design, create and test a fully functioning website, while also providing essential grounding knowledge on the architecture, design and security issues that need to be considered.

LO1 Understand web architecture and components

LO2 Understand the factors that influence Website performance

LO3 Be able to design Websites

LO4 Be able to create Websites


  • dedicated web creation software (e.g. Dreamweaver)

  • additional editing software (e.g.Fireworks, PhotoShop, Serif Draw Plus, Serif PhotoPlus, Paint, Audacity, MovieMaker, MoviePlus, GIMP)

  • other (Internet, Web Server)

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