Steve Picken

Steve Picken - Acoustic Guitar

Picking up the guitar at the age of 12, Steve was initially influenced by the guitar sound and technique of great blues/rock guitarists like Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. These styles were indulged in bands from an early age, performing at schools, colleges and charity events.

As his attitude and style progressed Steve embraced a more acoustic approach to playing and so set about applying techniques taken from the electric guitar to a wholly acoustic sound. Meeting fellow musician Mike Muirhead invited the opportunity of imposing a purely acoustic sound to an audience in need of a change. And so the duo, eventually to beome a trio, 'Midway' were formed. As a result Midway developed a well respected following, applying a personal approach to covering music and songwriting with a squeeze of folk.

The development of an acoustic outlook for Steve led to the introduction of music by Certified Guitar Player, Tommy Emmanuel. From this point on technique, generally considered beyond guitar, were identified and put into effect. A solo guitarist that can hold an audiences attention, entertain and inspire became the focal point of playing.

Following the ongoing study and hard practice of such an artist, Steve was given the opportunity to perform alongside Tommy at Tommy Fest 2005. The influence of guitarists in a similar vein to Tommy Emmanuel i.e Pierre Bensusan, Antonio Forcione and John Williams all now play their part in inspiration and influence.


Photo by Jed, text from official site